100 Books I Read :: #1


Robinson Crusoe


By Daniel Defoe

Rating : ☆☆☆☆ 

 About the Book : Robinson Crusoe is a Novel written by Daniel Defoe plotted down on a story of a   guy who sets his sail on sea voyage against the choice of his parents. His parents always wanted him to pursue law but Robinson Crusoe’s addiction for sea was on such a hike, that even after facing one storm in the sea, he again sets out for a sail, though this time shipwrecked again and Robinson got stuck at an unknown island. The story depicts his attempts to survive on the island using remnants of his wrecked ship.

The time makes him fall on an island for almost two years where he struggled to survive and later he escapes in a boat with the help of some Portuguese guy.

Review : Robinson Crusoe is actually a story of bravery, hard work, struggle, loneliness and passion. A bravery to survive alone on an island for almost two years fighting from different animals, Hard work for building things as per requirement, struggle for arranging food and other essential needs, loneliness as no one was there to share his pain and passion to live, to survive and coming back to his place.

A wonderful story. One should surely read this novel. The way author described the character is very deep and attractive. Each and every phase where Robinson struggled to survive was heart touching and the way he handled the situation was praise worthy.

 Everyone should read it.