100 Books I Read :: #11



 By Tishaa

 Rating : ☆☆

 About the Book :  The story revolves around a teenager Tiana and her friends. They are studying in a boarding school but far from school life is fun for them.

Tiana loves her friends and enjoys everything they do until one day she tries to discover her own self and makes her own ‘finding it’ theory wherein she does what she wants to do.

The story moves along the same story line and showcases the lives of theses teenagers.

It is a well-written novel about the dilemma in teenager’s life and how they face it! I really find it interesting to read.

Tiana’s character really is an eye-opener to most of the adolescents out there who get into the rat race a just to be a part of the group they admire the most and forget about their liking and disliking.

Overall, as a debut novel, it is good. Simple English and easy to understand with a simple and captive flow.