100 Books I Read :: #2


By Chetan Bhagat

Rating : ☆☆☆

 About the Book : Five Point Someone is a Novel written by Chetan Bhagat, a story of three friends on What Not to do in IIT? Novel passes through all the phases one could face in his/her college life. Friends, Girls friends, exams, results, assignments all such terms started becoming horror for them. It deals in such a way with their life that one of the best engineering college in country burdened them under the academic work and competition. There life becomes a mess. Their grades go down. But what actually important was that they all were together.

In short, this is not a story to teach how to clear an IIT exam but it is about how you cam mess up your life if you didn’t run your mind.

Review : Being a first novel of any writer, it really becomes important for him to win his/her audience and for Chetan Bhagat, very well, he is doing the same in his every book.  The book till now has been made in to two films : 3 Idiots in Hindi and Nanban in Tamil, though the names of characters were changed. Also, films were actually not full adaption of book. It was something different. Still, if someone ask me to compare between book and film. I will, without any doubt, give ☆☆☆☆☆ to 3 Idiots.

 If you love Chetan’s books, you must read it.