100 Books I Read :: #6


Veronika decides to dieVERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE

By Paulo Coelho

 Rating : ☆☆☆

 About the Book :Veronika decides to die is a Novel by world renowned Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho. It is a fable about  a young girl who decides to kill herself.  But unfortunately, she fails and found herself admitted in mental asylum, where she is told she has only a few days to live. And this is the news which actually changed her life.  Being admitted in mental hospital, she understood, that she has nothing to loose and she could experience whatever she wants. But here, unwillingly, her desire to live again takes birth in her soul. At a side where his mind know that she is dying what she actually wanted to, her heart now wants to live…..

 Review : Paulo Coelho beautifully express the desire of a young girl, who want to live her life in her own way.  His sense to create characters, explaining their nature, their living style, without any doubt is awesome. This book is among one of his best creation. Sold in around 46 languages, this book has also been adapted in a movie and a screenplay. The movie has the same name as the book.

Famous Quote :   “People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.”
Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die