100 Books I Read :: #9



 By Robin S. Sharma

 Rating : ☆☆☆

 About the Book :  “ Who will cry when you die “ sets about making us think hard as to how to manifest the fullness of our talents. It is not simple though, we know !
Robin Sharma calls this book life lessons which is of course very apt. The title suggests that we should live such a life that the world cries when we die ! Who wouldn’t ask for that ? He gives simple solutions to what we think are complex problems. But I find that, the language and the way he puts them are simple, but to follow them is definitely complex.

The author has given not less than hundred points for us to follow to enrich our lives. At this rate, reading this book has to be a life long pursuit, if we want to follow atleast some of them. I personally feel, if we patiently read through the book completely, we are on step one already ! It needs a strong determination on our goal towards self improvement to think and climb on to the second step ! It is, in patches, similar to a moral science book , since it is full of “do’s” and “don’ts” in life !

But we can’t deny that even if we start practicing a few of them to start with, there will be better balance,control and effectiveness in our daily lives. There is no doubt that this will be a pleasure for the people who interact with us ! So we start with the idea that “the pleasure of my improvement will be others’, not mine !” To think this way, is not easy either !
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