69th Independence Day | Story of a Golden Bird

Indian Flag

On this auspicious occasion of 69th Independence Day, I would like to wish all the citizens of India a very Happy Independence Day. But do we really recognize the importance of this freedom or are we taking it for granted.

Once India was used to be known as “Golden Bird” because of her wealth and unity in diversity. It was one of the most prosperous country and was flying happily alike a free bird high in the sky. Then arrived a hunter British and established their roots in India with the foundation of East India Company. Gradually, Britishers overtook all the administration of India and ruled the country. The wings of the golden bird were tied and restricted its flight. The bird was withered and tethered due to the slavery of British for around 200 years.

On 15th August, 1947, the bird shook off all the shackles of slavery and became free. India was recognized as a sovereign nation on this day. This day was the result of numerous sacrifices and movements of the freedom fighters. This was the most proud day for the nation. From women to children, poet to politicians, rich to poor, everyone held hands and fought for the freedom of the country. This day reminds us of all the people who kept the freedom of nation above their lives and fought for it till the last breath. This day is celebrated to offer tribute to all the proud souls who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country. Being a proud Indian, we all must remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. We must not forget that the breath of free air we are taking today is their valuable gift to us. We must be obliged to them for the freedom.

The best way to express our gratitude to them is to take the responsibility of doing every possible bit to make India, a golden bird again. Although India is progressing by the time but some scars are still profound. On this Independence Day, let’s take a vow to make ourselves independent of drugs, corruption, violence and last but not the least selfishness.

Let’s keep aside our egos and selfish motives and respect women, religion, caste to make India worth living and prosperous as earlier.