About the Author

Deepanshu Saini

The first time Deepanshu Saini’s pen did wonders was when he scribbled a poem for his classmate back in 2002. Though his sweet debut work never got published but the author turned more passionate about writing and then in the following year, with his perpetual zeal, he tried his hand at writing short stories for his peer group.
Within no time, his notebooks were filled up with his write-ups and gullible thoughts. Obviously, none of them ever got selected for any publications but as they say ‘perseverance is the key to success’, the ambitious person accepted the fact that there is more to learn and improve upon…
Then a stage actor, a sketcher and a dramatist was born in his creative mind and life took his way towards engineering in 2009.

But the journey did not stop here as something was still missing in his life. His craze for writing was still developing somewhere in his heart and the very same nurturing dream of becoming a writer attracted him towards different types of books and publishers and finally, there he got an idea to write a novel.

The delightful author made his mark in writing through his debut novel ‘Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories’ in 2014, followed by the much appreciated novel ‘By the Mountains – Love Reloaded’ published in 2015.

The Author garnered heaps of appreciation for his debut novel, an adult fiction received with open arms by all the age groups of the society regardless of gender, the novel binds the readers to its very last and has been reviewed as a mesmerising and charming piece of art.

The author amazed many while his second work got published as he moved from an adult-fiction to a love story breathing through adventures, so effortlessly. His love for adventure and art is delineated in his work. He truly believes that if you can’t live for your passion then you are worth wasting your time on this planet.

Born and bought up in Delhi, he completed his B.Tech from Kurukshetra University and is currently working as an Assistant Manager in TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd.

An Engineer by profession and an author by heart, Deepanshu like to spend most of his time in reading and collecting books of different genres. His love for art makes him a socialite and he loves to travel and discover new places. His craze for Bollywood songs never cease to amaze others as his veins start to shake even at their very mention.


Books by Deepanshu Saini

  • Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories (2014)
  • By The Mountains – Love Reloaded (2015)