An evening at real Taj Mahal of Agra: SHEROES HANGOUT

SheroesThis Valentine’s I discovered the epitome of true love and courage. In Agra resides the real beauty and love and I am not talking about Taj Mahal. This monument of love, care, beauty, sacrifice and courage is known as Sheroes Hangout. Sheroes is a café at Agra run by acid attack victims. A café with relaxing ambience, great food, unlimited access to wifi and books. After all these benefits, you are free to pay at your own will. Sheroes also provides the space to acid attack victims to nurture their talents as you can buy dresses and painting also from their which were created by them. And that’s not enough about the Sheroes.

Sheroes is the best example to show the world that to touch the lives, hearts and souls of others, one don’t needs to be a famous or a wealthy personality, it only needs a big heart full of love and empathy. The most vital thing one requires to help someone, is the intent. Usually, smallest acts done whole heartedly are far more effective than the biggest acts. A small café at small town Agra run by such big hearts is the epitome of true courage to bounce back after such a tragedy, love to serve people with smile and beauty reflects through their eyes.


Usually, we all are so engrossed in our hectic life schedules, cold wars with our bosses and mother in laws, stress of paying bills, late night parties, cricket matches & TV serials etc. that we don’t get time to realize the real meaning of life. Sheroes make me realize what life is all about. It has made me realize that we are not the bodies, we actually are the souls. I am sure many of us would not have the courage to see the faces of acid attack victims in newspapers or internet and would never thought to meet them personally in your wildest dream, forget about helping them. Don’t be ashamed if this is true because I was one of you. Not everyone has the courage to see the burnt and distorted faces but Sheroes has changed me completely. Alike most of you I was in a dilemma whether I could be able to face them without getting frightened or not. But trust me the moment I talked to them, saw their smiling faces and looked into their eyes, I forgot that their faces even have a single scar. I realized that meeting them personally is much easier than to see them in newspapers, television, etc. because their eyes make me connect to their hearts. Their happiness reflects from eyes and smiles. The reason I could feel so comfortable with them is that they were so comfortable with themselves. They no more feel isolated, disgust or defeated. Their smiles exhibits their courage to arise above all the heinous attacks after facing so much wrath from their own beloved parents and society. They are working on their dreams and are living with more enthusiasm and zeal than anyone of us could think of.

I urge all of you to visit Sheroes atleast once in your life. I am sure many of you might cried there but those tears would not be of fear, sadness or sympathy, they would be of happiness and empathy after seeing their smiles. Next time any of you visit Agra, make sure to visit the real Taj Mahal, Sheroes Hangout café. Your support is their strength.

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