Are you Cheerful?

We all must learn to be quiet and cheerful. It not only helps us, it helps others. Suppose a man loses his balance and if you come to him with a peaceful, quiet mind, you exert a quieting influence on that person and help him to regain his equilibrium. You can always get a standard. The way you do everything can become an example. When you do things casually – thinking “what-ever!”  “It’s alright!” – it means that you are acting thoughtlessly and lack an order of spirit. The true art of performing action means doing things with poise and calmness. Our thoughts can make us careful or careless.

How do you achieve this? We can achieve it by putting animation into our daily work. Seek inspiration in books, friends, art, music, travel, etc. Interest is a measure of aliveness.

be cheerful...


Doing a work mechanically like a paid worker is always damaging for the development of a good personality. A person who can turn his boring work into a work of very interesting nature never comes to failure. He is wanted everywhere. This type of person never feels that he is suffering when doing any hard work or anything like that. When you are undergoing a hardship, it is natural to feel that you are suffering. But how is it possible not to feel like that and to feel enthusiastic? This can be achieved through constant endeavor and practice.

Be cheerful.  Don’t Suffer….