Benefits of Long Distance Relationship

long-distance-relationships  5Indeed love is a very beautiful feeling but sometimes it might be a painful experience. Love is a strong and enchanted bond between two souls. Sometimes this bond becomes feeble due to the obstacle of distance. Yes, I am talking about long distance relationships. It is indeed a distressful feeling for not being able to meet your loved one whenever you want to. Not being able to hug your partner when you feel low. Maintaining long distance relationships are costly!! Well, jokes apart being in love is indeed incredible and trust me the ones who are in long distance relationships are leveraging some benefits apart from other lovers.

Intact individuality:

Often, some people seem to have birth right on the privacy of their partner. I mean they have to inform their partner where they are after every hour. Boys restrict their girls from talking to other boys. Girls restrict their boys from being social with friends and drinking is strictly prohibited. And soon such kind of insecure relationship faces its ultimate destiny of falling apart. Love is about trust. You don’t need to take permission from your partner about every single thing. This is the prime factor in a long distance relationship. Both of you have suffice private space which is very important for any relationship to take deepen the roots.

Talking to your hearts:

Usually you get lesser time to talk to your beloved. So when you meet in person, you have lots n lots of things to talk about. However, at that moment you realize that just keep looking in your partner’s eyes silently is much more soothing than talking about lot of things around. That would be more intimate than any kind of touch. That is when your eyes talk and the heart just listens and grins about feeling lucky just to sit beside you. The pleasure of silence is the beauty of your relationship. Cherish it!

Makes you stronger:

The most beautiful essence of a long distance relationship is that both of you have mutually decided to take your relation forward and rise above the obstacle of distance. Trust me if your relationship can endure distance, it can endure any challenge. It reflects your maturity. Being at separate places, you both face your individual challenges. As a popular adage says, facing challenges make you stronger. Facing the challenge of staying far and yet near will definitely make you stronger. Being in a long distance relationship is indeed not a choice of faint hearts.

Apart from above benefits, the most important advantage you have is a committed, trust worthy, caring & understanding partner. Your relationship is more meaningful than just a fancy physical relationship. Long distance relationship is a thread of love, care and respect held by two committed people. You might face difficult times and miss your partner terribly. But if you think wisely, the beauty of relationship you share is much more worthy than your struggle.

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