Ingredients of ‘Success’

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Who does not aim for success? Everybody wants to succeed and excel in whatever they do. But success means different for everyone. For a child, getting his favorite toy after consistently insisting his mother is success. Do you remember how you felt when your better half accepted your marriage proposal? That was the sense of achieving success, wasn’t it? For a graduate, getting his dream job is a success. For a businessman, expanding and diversifying his ventures is success whereas for a poor man, success is the consistent source of income so that he could manage two times meal for his family. For me, printing of my first novel is the success. Whatever be the nature of success, for whom so ever it is, the ingredients for achieving success is same for everyone.


In a nutshell, success is the sense of achieving specific goals with the sheer perseverance and hard work. Hence, the meaning of success differs on the basis of goals set by one for oneself. Goal is the most important ingredient because it is the destination in the journey of success. Make sure it is specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and time bound.


To achieve something, one must take the responsibility of making efforts to make it happen. It is not necessary that a leader must have a team to dictate. Be your own leader. You have a heart and a brain to be dictated. A leader is someone who guides the right path to the team, similarly guide yourself. Don’t hesitate to take help if needed. To be successful, always tie yourself with your goals instead of anybody. None other than you can take you to the peak of success. Be solo responsible for your circumstances.

Team WorkTeamwork:

Teamwork is equally important for being successful. Don’t forget a leader is also the part of a team. Hence, being a leader doesn’t separate you from the team. In a team, everyone may have different specialties and that is the essence of a team because then everyone would have different solutions to solve a problem based on their experience, understanding, knowledge and capability. Value teamwork, understand the importance of partnership and have confidence in your abilities.




Until and unless you are committed to a goal, you can never achieve success. Usually commitment is directly proportional to the passion. Remember how you start a new activity with enormous excitement and passion. Gradually, the excitement seems to be swiped under the carpet and subsequently commitment drops. Whenever your conviction towards your goal shakes, just remember the reason you started the journey towards that goal. Always remember your goal and the drained energy will revert. Alike you fill the vehicle with the sufficient fuel before a long journey, fuel up yourself with rock solid conviction that will take you through the journey of success.


Well, patience is something which can be learnt with the practice and I would suggest you if you are lacking this ingredient, start practicing from today. Patience would be your safe guard. Usually people drop their goals after the first failure. During such difficult situation, patience will keep you strong. Don’t let the negativity strike you. Challenges are encountered by those you tried to do something. So don’t worry, just be calm and consider the challenges as part and parcel of the journey. Seek opportunities in the obstacles. If you fall, don’t panic just keep yourself compose and bounce back with ever more perseverance. Never forget to prepare plan B. Just keep going until you reach your destination. It doesn’t matter if the pace is as slow as snail; what important is keep moving.

Never fail to fail:

Whenever you decide a goal, simultaneously decide to fail. Yes you heard me right. Don’t just prepare yourself to face failures but train yourself to look for positive out of every negative situation. I always say problems are blessings in disguise. People may criticize you but instead of taking criticism personally think logically and improve yourself.

Believe in Yourself:Yes I can do

Always remember haters will hate. Opponents will oppose. But don’t get frightened. Have faith in yourself and do whatever your heart says. Sharpen your skills if needed. Life is very short don’t waste it in fulfilling others’ desires.  Just live it to fulfill your own dreams.



That’s all from my side. Everyone makes efforts to be successful; the idea is to guide the right direction in which efforts should be made. The competency is indeed required to achieve success. Don’t forget soft skills are equally important. As a popular adage says, you can change your life by changing your attitude.


Wish you all a very happy and successful life ahead!!!


Power of Commitment

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“Yeh mera wada nahi patthar ki lakeer hai”. We all must have heard this line in most of the movies. I wonder, does such committed people really exist in the world? Making commitments is very easy but keeping them is very difficult.

We all make commitments with ourselves, families, friends, colleagues etc. but how many of us do really behold and fulfill the commitments. I am sure many of us might have fulfilled some commitments out of sheer pressure. Do we remember how we all made commitments of studying from tomorrow? Huh, but then what happened have we ever been as sincere as you thought we would? No, I don’t think anybody of us have ever studied without a sword of examinations hanging on our head? I am not talking about the most intelligent nerds whose only mission in life is to study and score good marks. Well jokes apart, have you observed what’s wrongwith this picture? Most of us don’t understand the importance of self-motivation and self-discipline. We are flexible with our commitments. We seek external pressure as motivation to complete a job. Usually, we don’t take our commitments seriously until severe consequences are associated with it. This is not commitment at all.


When we don’t understand what commitment is, how would we understand the power of commitment? Well, yes, commitment do exhibit a lot, of in the sense of self-esteem and determination. Have you ever committed yourself that tomorrow I shall wake up early and go for a walk? Most of us would sleep with this enthusiastic thought of getting early and as we wake up the hangover of sleep makes us forget all the commitments we made last night with ourselves. That’s a really tragic end of a commitment. But I am sure some of us would have let the commitment win in this battle. Those must have felt the true power of accomplishing their commitment. The feeling of achieving what you have thought of is indeed ecstatic.

Being committed is an art and it can be learned. To avoid falling over your commitments make sure to practice below mentioned points:

  • Split your goals: We should always dream big. Keep your goals sky high but understand that big goals cannot be achieved overnight.SMART GOALS You have to work hard to achieve your goals. Try to divide your big goal into milestones and those milestones in daily small goals. Keep your goals SMART.



  • Be focused on the result: I recommend you to always keep yourself focused on the result. When you want to quit from your commitments, think about the result why you started it. The reason of passion to do any work is only the result and commitment is directly proportional to passion. Hence, stay focused to the result.


  • Hang out with committed people: There would be many people who are not committed in their life and have a tendency to sway you from your commitments. Hence, I suggest to hang out with committed people who will inspire you to be committed in life with yourself and others. You would not realize when being committed shall become your habit.commited people


Before being committed to others, we must be committed to ourselves. Let’s commit ourselves to be happy, feed our mind with positive thoughts, live in present and not let the temper ruin our peace of soul. Trust me being committed with yourself is more difficult than being committed with others. I hope all these practices shall help one being more committed.

Target Achieved


What is more important: Hard work or Luck?

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There is a very old battle between hard work & luck. Have you ever wondered how difficult it would have been to pass any examHard Work Or Luck without studying hard? Yes, I think we all must applaud ourselves for that hard work. I am sure some of you must have faced the situation when you hated a subject because you didn’t understand a single word of it. In-spite of studying hard all night, you have been mentally preparing yourself to face a F grade in that subject but as you hold the question paper a grin appears on your face realizing that it was not that difficult and you manage to score decent grade. If you can remember any of such moment, please join your hands right now and thank God for the luck that worked at that moment. Both hard work and luck have equally important roles to play in one’s life. Deficiency of any one of these ingredients, can make your life difficult.

Both hard work and luck goes hand in hand. A popular adage says that never sit idle with the thought that it would happen if it has been written in destiny but what if it’s written in destiny that it will happen if you work hard. You cannot ride life solely on the horse of hard work. You also need reins of luck. If you keep on working hard without luck then there would be no difference between you & a jackass who works hard all day and carries heavy weights on its back. We need luck as well in accomplishing a job.

2However, we must not underestimate the power of hard work. Hard work propels you towards the good luck. Without hard work, your all accomplishments would be merely parameters. The joy of achievement would vanish when you have not undergone a serious hard work to achieve what you wanted. As it says, the joy of journey is much more than the destination. Unless you work hard to take yourself towards your ultimate goal despite of all challenges and obstacles, the essence of winning become feeble.

One must not be afraid of challenges because challenges are being faced by only those who are doing something, trying something new. The people who are doing something and do not succeed due to a challenge In-spite of working hard are much better than those who are not doing anything at all. Challenges make us stronger indeed just keep doing hard work & believe in your luck and nothing can stop you.

    Always remember that hard work lifts you to a place where luck can find you!!


Benefits of Long Distance Relationship

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long-distance-relationships  5Indeed love is a very beautiful feeling but sometimes it might be a painful experience. Love is a strong and enchanted bond between two souls. Sometimes this bond becomes feeble due to the obstacle of distance. Yes, I am talking about long distance relationships. It is indeed a distressful feeling for not being able to meet your loved one whenever you want to. Not being able to hug your partner when you feel low. Maintaining long distance relationships are costly!! Well, jokes apart being in love is indeed incredible and trust me the ones who are in long distance relationships are leveraging some benefits apart from other lovers.

Intact individuality:

Often, some people seem to have birth right on the privacy of their partner. I mean they have to inform their partner where they are after every hour. Boys restrict their girls from talking to other boys. Girls restrict their boys from being social with friends and drinking is strictly prohibited. And soon such kind of insecure relationship faces its ultimate destiny of falling apart. Love is about trust. You don’t need to take permission from your partner about every single thing. This is the prime factor in a long distance relationship. Both of you have suffice private space which is very important for any relationship to take deepen the roots.

Talking to your hearts:

Usually you get lesser time to talk to your beloved. So when you meet in person, you have lots n lots of things to talk about. However, at that moment you realize that just keep looking in your partner’s eyes silently is much more soothing than talking about lot of things around. That would be more intimate than any kind of touch. That is when your eyes talk and the heart just listens and grins about feeling lucky just to sit beside you. The pleasure of silence is the beauty of your relationship. Cherish it!

Makes you stronger:

The most beautiful essence of a long distance relationship is that both of you have mutually decided to take your relation forward and rise above the obstacle of distance. Trust me if your relationship can endure distance, it can endure any challenge. It reflects your maturity. Being at separate places, you both face your individual challenges. As a popular adage says, facing challenges make you stronger. Facing the challenge of staying far and yet near will definitely make you stronger. Being in a long distance relationship is indeed not a choice of faint hearts.

Apart from above benefits, the most important advantage you have is a committed, trust worthy, caring & understanding partner. Your relationship is more meaningful than just a fancy physical relationship. Long distance relationship is a thread of love, care and respect held by two committed people. You might face difficult times and miss your partner terribly. But if you think wisely, the beauty of relationship you share is much more worthy than your struggle.

Long Distance Relation 3 Long Distance Relation 2




Do you want a Virgin bride ?

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Bride  The word SEX is enough to seek anyone’s attention. Although sex is a taboo in India but still it is one of the most interesting& popular topics. Although a person would hesitate to talk about sex with parents and teachers but would read sex articles to know more about it. What kind of hypocrisy is this? The list does not end here. The biggest hypocrisy is when a Casanova trying to get a chance to sleep with several girls wants to marry a virgin girl. I wonder are you seriously in your senses dude? Some morons consider a virgin girl as pure and believe that she would bring luck in their lives.

Do you know what’s wrong in this picture? The male ego!! In today’s patriarchal Indian society, men treat their spouse as their property.The prerequisites of marriage for a boy is to have a decent salary and that’s it. Whereas for a girl, the prime prerequisites is that she has to be beautiful with a well maintained figure, know cooking, able to adjust in the family (even by killing her self-respect), not to speak a word in front of her in laws, wake up early in the morning (usually before sunrise), deliver a baby within a year and the most important requirement is she must be a virgin and yeah if she is earning that would be like bonus.Guys please grow up and have some life. You are the reason why girls are perceived as a baggage on her parents’ shoulders. I think such people should be murdered instead of female fetus.

Girl is not an object to be classified as pure or impure. And who gave you the right to parameterize her character based on the status of mere hymen. For you broken hymen means lost virginity. It is not the girl who loses virginity before marriage is impure it’s your ego which considers such a girl as leftover food tasted by someone else. You don’t have any right to raise a finger on her character just to satisfy your ego.

Although we have become much liberal about sex over past some years but we still have a long way to go. Alike every coin have two facets. Apart from such narrow minded morons, some open-minded and educated people are also there in the society who understand that if a girl is telling them her life’s biggest secret is just because she wants to build a new relation on the foundation of trust. They understand that she also has the right to love someone and having sex with that person,was her personal decision and they accept it with her. They admire her present more than her past and look forward to a brighter future. They value her love for them. They respect their new relationship. They understand a broken relationship is neither the end of life nor the end of the right of a girl to be loved again.

I know the whole world cannot be changed in a night. But I think we all should do our bit to respect women and not to see every girl from the spectacles of virginity.


Self-help is the best help!!!

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Self Help  Are you earning more than what your parents were earning at your age? Have you started your career landing into a job paying higher than your parent’s first job? Indeed employment opportunities, average income and expenditure have substantially increased over the last few years. But these fascinating jobs and incredible salaries come along with long working hours and huge work load. With enhanced standard of living, stress level has also increased among the youth. In our busy working schedules, we often forget the need of a balanced personal and professional life. People working for long hours in offices and then at home are leading to stress and bitter relationships. We usually neglect health in earning wealth. We don’t realize that we are earning severe health issues with the salaries at the end of the month.

Now the question is who would reduce this stress and help us to lead a healthy life. Well the answer is very simple. He is none other than “YOU”. Yes, you heard it right, no one other than you can help you better. That’s why we call self-help the best help. We often complain about our downfalls and struggling situations. For God’s sake guys, just breathe and stop complaining and blaming others. Can you tell me the name of a single person in the whole world i.e over 7 billion people who have never failed, rejected or faced a downfall in his/ her life? None!! Well, then how can you expect to be without problems? Challenges are a part and parcel of life. Life is a journey with many ups and downs. Start focusing on the ups instead of downs. Some of my personal efforts to maintain health and positivity in life are mentioned below:

Smile as much as you can

Smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips. Jokes apart, smile is really an influential tool to reduce stress. People usually smile when they are happy. But trust me converse is equally true, when you smile you spontaneously start feeling good and lighter.

Be satisfied

Dreams and desires are limitless. One should be ambitious but be careful about the insane desires. Happiness has nothing to do with your possessions; it is a reflection of your satisfaction. Be content with what you have and be grateful for that. And never ever compare yourself with anyone because definition of happiness is different for everyone. Focus on what you have instead of what you lack.

Plan things you look forward to

Monotonous daily routine is indeed boring and will make anyone go annoyed. To get rid of boring life, plan outings with your spouse/ friends/ family on weekends. Try to bring some change in your boring life. Repetitive routine can hamper your creativity. To keep yourself enthusiastic and vivid, keep indulging in new hobbies.


Don’t procrastinate

Although I am a very lazy person but I can’t stand with pending work. It mingles in my mind until I complete it. It is one of the most important sources of stress. People usually procrastinate and then niggle about the pending jobs. Try not to keep piles of work to do during weekend.

Live in present

This is one of the characteristic I practiced a lot because humans have tendency to cling either towards the past worries or future anxiety. We never live in present. But like any new habit, you can learn living in present by practice. Often ask yourself are you happy? And if your answer is “No”, immediately change what you are thinking. Try to analyse things as they are. Don’t over react.

Take out time for yourself

When we are talking about self-help, how can we forget to give time to self.  Spend time with your best buddy i.e you. Identify your prime time may it be morning or night and do whatever you like to do. Spend some time in silence and isolation. This is vital to de-stress. You can even go for a walk, listen music, cook for yourself, anything whatever you love to do.

Keep a diary

This method may not necessarily work for all. Some might just hate writing. But those who love writing must jot down all the positive things happening during the day. Try to avoid negative things. Because when you revisit your old dairy, you can glance over all the precious moments of your life. This will help you keep motivated and optimistic. Being optimistic is very important aspect to be happy.

Well, these are my personal practices to cope up with daily stress and maintain balance between work and personal life. I hope it works for you also. Feel free to share any of your practice to lead a healthy and happy life.




I wanted to tell the world a story…

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Do you know why God Jagannath has big round eyes?

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Jagannath1  Appropriately, as per the meaning of his name Jagannath is Lord of the universe. Lord Jagannath is known to be an incarnation of lord Krishna.But why Krishna took this avtar? Although Jagannath is not considered as one of the Dashavatar but through this personification Krishna has given a very important message to the mankind. Krishna’s incarnation as Jagannath with big round eyes and the most adorable smile is the resemblance of His love and empathy for His loved ones especially Radha rani and Gopis.

When Krishna moved to Mathura from Vrindavan, His beloved devotees felt severe pain of separation. As lord recited that love is like a fire.If it would be feeble, a light breeze of separation is suffice to blow it off. The fire of love should be so intense that air of separation will help it in spreading instead of blowing it off. One day when Krishna heard about the sufferings of His devotees, His eyes were enlarged with surprise, big smile appeared on His face, and his hands and legs got shrunk within His body. This is how Jagannath has appeared. To spread the message of this pure love between the God and His devotees’, Narad muni ji(devotee of Krishna) requested Krishna to show this avtar to the world. How Krishna can deny His devotee’s request?

As the legend says, to show His avatar to the mankind, Krishna appeared as Nila Madhav in  dreams of one of His devotee named king Indradyumna. Then king sent his soldiers in all directions in search of deity Nila Madhav. Everyone came empty handed except the one soldier who brought a saint who worshipped deity Nila Madhav. While investigating, the saint who was none other than the Vishwakarma in disguise claimed that he can build an idol of God for the king but on one condition. The condition was that he would not be disturbed till his work got completed and if someone entered his room, interrupting his work the saint would leave the work and disappear. King agreed to this and sent him to an isolated hall so that he could start his work. With the sound of hammer and chisel the king knew the work is in progress but after some days the sound stopped and king got anxious about his creation. Due to anxiety, king opened the door and on seeing the king, the saint disappeared leaving the idol incomplete. The king felt guilty but by God’s grace he realized that this is  God’s plan to appear in this form as Jagannath.

Jagannath is known by many names as Kalya, Darubrahman, Jagbandhu, Patita Pavan, Loknath etc. His most popular temple is in Puri, Odisha where He is worshipped with His brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra. Annual RathYatra of Jagannath is very popular where devotees from all over the world join and get drenched in the chanting and devotion of the Lord.

Well, as interesting as His appearance is so His miracles.




Do you have your Magic Rock?

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I believe magic is an inseparable part of our lives. Magic is everywhere in the world. One just needs to have tmagic rock 2he will to see it. Magic can be felt when a mother gives birth to a child after nurturing it for nine months in her womb, magic is in your favorite dish cooked by your mother, magic is in the surprise gift given by your wife, magic is in the soft touch of a new born baby, magic is in the smile on the face of your loved ones. Anything that leaves you enchanted and lingers in your heart with a smile on lips and tears in eyes is indeed magical.

But what is magic rock? Currently I am reading a book, The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. You all must have heard about it. Its teaching in nutshell is, “Be grateful you will be given more and will have abundance but if you are ungrateful what has will be taken from you.” It means if you like something and wish it will be with you forever then you must be grateful for that. The more you will be grateful, more be the abundance.

My favorite practice is magic rock. It is a simple plain rock, I kept it by my bedside. Every night, before going to sleep I hold the rock, close my eyes, think of all the happy events happened in the day so far and be grateful for each and every event from the bottom of my heart. For example, I start saying thank you for keeping me alive this morning, thank you for the healthy body, thank you for the water, thank you for the clothes, and thank you for the air I breathe, thank you for a loving family, thank you for the food, thank you for the job etc. I extend my gratitude to the smallest of the events because usually life’s happiest moments are found in the smallest things. As a popular adage says, “Happiness often comes when least expected”.

It has make a difference in my life. Being grateful for each and every thing associated to me and mankind has filled my heart with more optimism. It gives me courage to endure any situation as I know GOD is with me and he has kept something good in every difficult situation. Don’t forget faith can move mountains. Not mountains but let’s have faith to move our lives in a positive direction. Have faith in God and spare time to be thankful for everything you own.

I wish you all a great time with your magic rock.


Morning Sex- definitely the best way to wake up!  

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morning-sexSex” as interesting the word is, so are its benefits. Being a taboo in India, most of the people would be surprised to know its benefits. Apart from being a mode to have babies, sex has a significant role to enhance health, personal relationships & social well-being.

Who likes to wake up every morning with a droning sound of an alarm? Instead try to make morning interesting for both of you. Making love in morning is much more pleasurable because both of you are without the burdens of daily chores, feeling refreshed and energetic. Sex is the best way to capture that energy at the morning itself which shall uplift your mood and propel you towards a beautiful day.

It has been scientifically proven that sex reduces stress and risk of a heart attack, improves mental health and immunity, regulates blood pressure etc. People even claimed to feel confident after making love. Sex is considered as a workout. Who will not love to burn calories on bed instead of a gym?

Apart from health benefits, sex helps in improving interpersonal relationships. Indeed sex brings the two closer and bond gets stronger. However a healthy sex life is very important for a healthy relationship. In our hectic lives, romance takes the backseat some times. But you would never know how smallest of your nonverbal move would be suffice to ignite the romance back into your life.

The idea of morning sex is completely based on an individual’s choice. For example, if I like a chocolate cake, it’s not necessary that my partner will also like the same. She might like a pineapple cake instead of a chocolate cake. I hope you got my point. Different people have different opinions about the morning sex. Some might get distressed with sweat smell or bad breath. However, some might get aroused with the sweat smell. So you need to make your partner comfortable before you bump on. Know each other’s capabilities, look after each other’s necessities and get comfortable with each other’s discomforts to enjoy your moments.

Make sure you are not ruining your partner’s morning instead of making it.