By The Mountains :: Love Reloaded

Finally, Day has come and now it is a time to announce the title and cover page of my Second Novel - By The Mountains :: Love Reloaded. Again under the roof of Omji Publishing House after Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories, this novel is also ready to born and grow.
Feeling Awesome.

Cover page designed by: Mr. Sunil Kaushik (Thank You)

Releasing this Jan’2015


Based on real story……

Can any adventurous journey make you fall in love with your life?

Can nature teach you the language of happiness, love, positivity, friendship and trust?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Can a single smile make you forget all your pain and sorrow?

If your answer to all the above questions is yes, it means you are on right path – a remarkable journey ‘by the mountains’; where Dhruv is in trauma for almost six months, emotionally afraid, not getting attached to love in any form. Where, Anjali is looking for true love in her life, but does not like meeting every next guy.

Will Dhruv be able to control himself not to get struck once again by the girl’s detachment?

Will this trekking adventurous trip bring love in Anjali’s life?

With a very simple fact – Love always finds its way, but if you love someone just say…. ‘By The Mountains’ is a story full of misconception between Dhruv and Anjali, leading to such a memorable ending that every lover desires for.

Let’s Join Dhruv and Anjali on this trekking tour…

 By The Mountains