Do you have your Magic Rock?

I believe magic is an inseparable part of our lives. Magic is everywhere in the world. One just needs to have tmagic rock 2he will to see it. Magic can be felt when a mother gives birth to a child after nurturing it for nine months in her womb, magic is in your favorite dish cooked by your mother, magic is in the surprise gift given by your wife, magic is in the soft touch of a new born baby, magic is in the smile on the face of your loved ones. Anything that leaves you enchanted and lingers in your heart with a smile on lips and tears in eyes is indeed magical.

But what is magic rock? Currently I am reading a book, The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. You all must have heard about it. Its teaching in nutshell is, “Be grateful you will be given more and will have abundance but if you are ungrateful what has will be taken from you.” It means if you like something and wish it will be with you forever then you must be grateful for that. The more you will be grateful, more be the abundance.

My favorite practice is magic rock. It is a simple plain rock, I kept it by my bedside. Every night, before going to sleep I hold the rock, close my eyes, think of all the happy events happened in the day so far and be grateful for each and every event from the bottom of my heart. For example, I start saying thank you for keeping me alive this morning, thank you for the healthy body, thank you for the water, thank you for the clothes, and thank you for the air I breathe, thank you for a loving family, thank you for the food, thank you for the job etc. I extend my gratitude to the smallest of the events because usually life’s happiest moments are found in the smallest things. As a popular adage says, “Happiness often comes when least expected”.

It has make a difference in my life. Being grateful for each and every thing associated to me and mankind has filled my heart with more optimism. It gives me courage to endure any situation as I know GOD is with me and he has kept something good in every difficult situation. Don’t forget faith can move mountains. Not mountains but let’s have faith to move our lives in a positive direction. Have faith in God and spare time to be thankful for everything you own.

I wish you all a great time with your magic rock.