Do you know what the best “Present” is?

live today As a popular adage says, “Past is history, future is mystery and present is the present.” Indeed present is the best gift one could ever get. Right attitude is required to enjoy the present of present. It’s very simple but not easy. However, anything can be achieved by practice. One must practice to be in present and forget the worries of past and anxiety of future. Both past & future is out of your control. Don’t regret, what has happened in the past and don’t try to predict what is going to be happened in the future. Instead utilize your efforts and time in enjoying your present and making it as beautiful as possible.

Whatever happened and shall happen, happens with the will of God. It doesn’t mean to hopelessly sit and pray all the time. It means we must take time in the present to express gratitude to the God for keeping me alive at the moment. “This moment”, is the appropriate time when you can make wise choices, be happy, enjoy whatever life gives you, face the challenges and your future shall automatically take a positive turn.

Its human nature not to live in the present, we are always worrying about our futures. As you can acknowledge, when it’s your exam or an important presentation next day. You keep on worrying about it and your mind is overdosed with tension. I would like you share a story of two boys depicting the same situation.

Once there were two students. Both were preparing for the examination. One day, one of them was relaxing after studying very hard for some time. Standing in the moon light and looking at the beauty of the full moon, he was enjoying the peaceful night. The other student asked, ‘what are you doing, my friend?’ The former answered. ‘I am enjoying the moonlight and will study a little later.’ The second student was shocked and felt that the other student was wasting precious time. As he was tense with examination fear, he could not enjoy the soothing moonlight and was not able to find happiness in that peaceful night even for a moment. This is a lesson for all of us.

We should not waste our precious present. I know we all are busy in our hectic schedules, but we must take time to laugh, to pray, to enjoy the little happiness of life. And we must practice daily to live in present. Forget the worries of past and anxiety of future. Let your mind be free from the tensions. Live life slowly and savor the happiness of the “Present”.