Do you know why God Jagannath has big round eyes?

Jagannath1  Appropriately, as per the meaning of his name Jagannath is Lord of the universe. Lord Jagannath is known to be an incarnation of lord Krishna.But why Krishna took this avtar? Although Jagannath is not considered as one of the Dashavatar but through this personification Krishna has given a very important message to the mankind. Krishna’s incarnation as Jagannath with big round eyes and the most adorable smile is the resemblance of His love and empathy for His loved ones especially Radha rani and Gopis.

When Krishna moved to Mathura from Vrindavan, His beloved devotees felt severe pain of separation. As lord recited that love is like a fire.If it would be feeble, a light breeze of separation is suffice to blow it off. The fire of love should be so intense that air of separation will help it in spreading instead of blowing it off. One day when Krishna heard about the sufferings of His devotees, His eyes were enlarged with surprise, big smile appeared on His face, and his hands and legs got shrunk within His body. This is how Jagannath has appeared. To spread the message of this pure love between the God and His devotees’, Narad muni ji(devotee of Krishna) requested Krishna to show this avtar to the world. How Krishna can deny His devotee’s request?

As the legend says, to show His avatar to the mankind, Krishna appeared as Nila Madhav in  dreams of one of His devotee named king Indradyumna. Then king sent his soldiers in all directions in search of deity Nila Madhav. Everyone came empty handed except the one soldier who brought a saint who worshipped deity Nila Madhav. While investigating, the saint who was none other than the Vishwakarma in disguise claimed that he can build an idol of God for the king but on one condition. The condition was that he would not be disturbed till his work got completed and if someone entered his room, interrupting his work the saint would leave the work and disappear. King agreed to this and sent him to an isolated hall so that he could start his work. With the sound of hammer and chisel the king knew the work is in progress but after some days the sound stopped and king got anxious about his creation. Due to anxiety, king opened the door and on seeing the king, the saint disappeared leaving the idol incomplete. The king felt guilty but by God’s grace he realized that this is  God’s plan to appear in this form as Jagannath.

Jagannath is known by many names as Kalya, Darubrahman, Jagbandhu, Patita Pavan, Loknath etc. His most popular temple is in Puri, Odisha where He is worshipped with His brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra. Annual RathYatra of Jagannath is very popular where devotees from all over the world join and get drenched in the chanting and devotion of the Lord.

Well, as interesting as His appearance is so His miracles.