Do you want a Virgin bride ?

Bride  The word SEX is enough to seek anyone’s attention. Although sex is a taboo in India but still it is one of the most interesting& popular topics. Although a person would hesitate to talk about sex with parents and teachers but would read sex articles to know more about it. What kind of hypocrisy is this? The list does not end here. The biggest hypocrisy is when a Casanova trying to get a chance to sleep with several girls wants to marry a virgin girl. I wonder are you seriously in your senses dude? Some morons consider a virgin girl as pure and believe that she would bring luck in their lives.

Do you know what’s wrong in this picture? The male ego!! In today’s patriarchal Indian society, men treat their spouse as their property.The prerequisites of marriage for a boy is to have a decent salary and that’s it. Whereas for a girl, the prime prerequisites is that she has to be beautiful with a well maintained figure, know cooking, able to adjust in the family (even by killing her self-respect), not to speak a word in front of her in laws, wake up early in the morning (usually before sunrise), deliver a baby within a year and the most important requirement is she must be a virgin and yeah if she is earning that would be like bonus.Guys please grow up and have some life. You are the reason why girls are perceived as a baggage on her parents’ shoulders. I think such people should be murdered instead of female fetus.

Girl is not an object to be classified as pure or impure. And who gave you the right to parameterize her character based on the status of mere hymen. For you broken hymen means lost virginity. It is not the girl who loses virginity before marriage is impure it’s your ego which considers such a girl as leftover food tasted by someone else. You don’t have any right to raise a finger on her character just to satisfy your ego.

Although we have become much liberal about sex over past some years but we still have a long way to go. Alike every coin have two facets. Apart from such narrow minded morons, some open-minded and educated people are also there in the society who understand that if a girl is telling them her life’s biggest secret is just because she wants to build a new relation on the foundation of trust. They understand that she also has the right to love someone and having sex with that person,was her personal decision and they accept it with her. They admire her present more than her past and look forward to a brighter future. They value her love for them. They respect their new relationship. They understand a broken relationship is neither the end of life nor the end of the right of a girl to be loved again.

I know the whole world cannot be changed in a night. But I think we all should do our bit to respect women and not to see every girl from the spectacles of virginity.