Dodital : Birth place of Lord Ganesha

Do u like adventure? Are you adventurous? Pose this questions to anyone, you would be likely to get the answer “yes”. But if you ask, have you done anything adventurous? The expressions of the face shall definitely change. Some would get excited and share the experience and some would start analyzing deep in the mind but all in vain.

And if you ask me, yes I like adventure and have went to a trekking trip organized by TSAF (TATA Steel Adventure Foundation) upto 13500 ft. My second novel named “By the Mountains: Love Reloaded” is the outcome of the inspiration from this trekking trip and is my real experience.

In the midst of the breath taking trek of Darwa Top from Sangamchatti through Bebra, Agora and Majhi village, one of the most beautiful lake situated called Dodital.

I love travelling. Apart from just roaming & relaxing around, the thing I am pretty interested in is to know the place from the local’s mouth. From the locals I came to know that Dodital is named after the fish called Dodi. I was pleasantly surprised to know that the Dodital Lake is the birth place of Lord Ganesha. I could not believe that the place where I was standing is the place where Goddess Parvati created Lord Ganesha from the turmeric paste from her body and breathe life into it.

Within the other moment, the pleasant surprise was completely transformed in the gloomy surprise. I was confused why this sacred place is not so popular within the Hindus. After all Lord Ganesha is the God who is worshipped before all the other Gods. He is the one known to remove all kind of obstacles. He is the prime power to provide Buddhi (intellect), Riddhi (fortune) & Siddhi (fulfillment). Being the most divine and lovable son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, why is His birth place is not witnessing the kind of popularity and above all respect and attention of the devotees as it deserves.


With the scratching head which is empty about the answers, my eyes were arrested by the beautiful view of the valley. No one can refrain themselves from praising the ambience of the lake with the luminous green mountains around which is indeed pleasurable and soothing for the soul and mind.

Dodital, being the birth place of Lord Ganesha is the sacred place and indeed is one of the most beautiful and relaxing spots. Certainly, this was the lifetime trip.