Earthquakes – Emotional disaster rather than a Natural Disaster…..

After the heart quenching Nepal earthquake, aftershocks are frequently being felt.

However, I am more frighten with the “after situations” rather than the aftershocks. I am unable to watch images of the devastated buildings, roads, debris without a tear in my eyes. It’s more distressing to see one’s kids, family vanished in such a disaster within minutes than one’s own death. I often feel so heartbroken with these ruined houses and families and feel grudge about the God, why is he being so excruciating for thrashing people with such a disaster.

But then analytical part of my brain says that this is a natural occurrence. People says whatever happens, happens with the will of God and happens for the good. I never understood what the good in this situation was and probably will never understand.

Scientists have some kind of crazy explanations about the occurrence of earthquakes. And local people, they have their own craziest explanations which are certainly miles apart from any logic. Some of the perceived notions are like major destructive earthquakes always occur in the early morning, in a specific weather, some animals & people can sense and predict earthquakes, it is the way of God showing his wrath in Kalyug (fourth stage of the world development that we are currently in). I almost died of stomach ache due to laugh, when I heard someone proclaims that another big earthquake will happen in Delhi on 26th April’15 at 08:20 PM and spread this message like a fire in the jungle. I can’t believe how strong network they have. Jokes apart, I would like to inform that it is a myth that earthquakes occur at a specific time, weather etc. and no one can predict earthquake. Highly efficient machinery is used to monitor the changes of electrical and magnetic properties, velocity changes of seismic waves as some of the parameters might change due to the vibrations prior to earthquake, still it cannot be predicted accurately.

I would like to request these people if you really have such a strong network, kindly spread the ways to protect yourself during earthquakes instead of spreading void rumors.


I pray for Nepal and wish you all a happy and save life with your loved ones!!!