EGirls Hostel Unspoken MemoriesXTRACT FROM


 I wanted to laugh, though tears were still flowing from my eyes, but this time out of happiness. I was happy. I was extremely happy. I lifted the laptop screen towards me.

 SHRUTI PATEL   728/1000

It was nice to see my name there. ‘Thank you God’ my mind tossed.

‘My parents will definitely be happy. Yippee, now, I can celebrate my birthday the way I like and dad will now buy me a new mobile’ a thought danced in my mind.

I was like celebrating biggest victory of my life. I stood and hugged Preeti in order to greet her thanks. She hugged me back with a smile. We hugged for a moment and this was when atmosphere seemed to get changed. I don’t know what happened to her. Why she reacted like she never did? Why she started rubbing her hands over my back very smoothly?

For a while, I took everything as normal but slowly it seemed something more to me. I could hear her breath. Something wrong, it was like. I could feel her body shaking as such she was losing her control over it. I seemed to be lost for a time. All happiness of result got liquidated. My brain almost stopped functioning. This was not the first time I hugged her which was not even wrong anyhow, I am sure, but this time her declining over me, her body all soft and round, her lips murmuring my name like an invitation bewildered me. I could never imagine the same. Why she did so? She razed the complete environment and joy of my result.

Which was why she still wasn’t moving? But that didn’t work, either.

She couldn’t do it. I just need to stay strong so I just moved my steps back and pushed her away simply. Perhaps, she had felt what she was doing, so she didn’t cross her eyes with mine.

“What are you doing?” I asked shockingly.

She said nothing. She was still breathing from her mouth.