Feeling enchanted after a trip to “Vrindavan”!!

Vrindavan is truly the home of God. An impulse of liberation, satisfaction and devotion fills the heart when we enter the boundaries of Vrindavan. One’s soul can connect to the spirituality at Vrindavan. I have been to Vrindavan many times but every time it seems so different, so pure, so enchanted that urge me to visit again.

With get off the car, I bow down and touch the floor to thank Krishna for giving me the chance to visit his home again. Vrindavan is considered to be one of the sacred places in India. This time I visited Nidhivan, Radha Damodar Temple, Banke Bihari Temple, ISCON Temple and Prem Mandir.

The mysterious Nidhivan is indeed beautiful and it embraces a spiritual story within its heart. It is said that Krishna and Radha appear in night at Nidhivan and perform spiritual activities (Lilas). The plants appeared as Gopis. Well, I was very curious to see Krishna with my eyes but then my eyes captured the view of Samadhis of the people who were died due to being present there overnight. I took some holy mud from the Nidhivan and place the same in Tulsi plant at my home.


The story and view of Rock at Radha Damodar temple will fill your heart with the true devotion. It is said that this rock is blessed and its four parikrama is equivalent to one parikrama of Goverdhan hill.

The flower decoration of Banke Bihari Temple known as phool bangla and the chants of Hare Krishna Hare Rama at ISCON temple are suffice to take a deep dive in the ocean of Krishna’s love.

The lighting and the idols inspired by the Krishna’s life events at Prem Mandir were mesmerizing.

Prem Mandir

The stories of Krishna are beyond human intellect. The ambiance at Vrindavan is beyond description. Each and every atom at Vrindavan is blessed by Krishna. I am thankful to Krishna to allow me to witness his divine presence at the magical land of Vrindavan.