First Love


We all fall in love. Despite of being in several relationships in the search of true love, the experience and memories of first love are always unforgettable and beyond description. It’s all about the feelings than the words. Whether it’s a feeling of tickling in stomach on being with the one you love or the deepest ache in heart on separating with any such person, every phase of first love is as enliven in our minds as it happened yesterday. But do we actually know what love is? Ya I know, everyone has his/her own definition for it.

People say there is no age for love. Everyone needs love. Be it your kid or grandmother everyone need love. The aspect of love changes but not its eternal feeling. Usually when we talk about love it’s all about a girl and a boy whole heartedly in love with each other. But is it the only meaning of being in love?

As far as first love is concerned, the age we encounter our first love is generally the age we don’t know what love is. We love the feeling of being in love. In adolescent, due to major biological changes and admiring heroic characters in movies, we got inclined towards “fancy love”. Hence, at that age when we found someone attractive we perceived it as love. I am not saying that first love is nonsense and unsuccessful. I am talking about perception of being in love.

There’s just something about a first love that creates such profound emotions in us that we are indelibly marked by our experiences with the person who manages to steal our heart for the very first time. In fact, the memories of that special person seem to never fade. The first time we held hands, the first kiss, these are moments that are marked by an innocence and a timid sweetness that is unique to first loves and, quite honestly, difficult to describe in words. That first love, for a lucky few, may even create a bond strong enough to last forever.

The feeling of being in love is indeed beyond description and the most beautiful thing happened. The initial excitement, cuddly talks, romantic dates, rain dance, appealing hugs and kisses, endless phone calls, etc. is so delightful like flying over the clouds. After being in love the most important thing is to sustain that love. As life never remains the same, likewise the initial magic of being in love also appeared to fade off after sometime. Being in love for the first time is definitely like being on the highest mountain peak but after some time the love gets regularized and we face a plateau. Although it doesn’t mean that love has vanished, it’s simply mean that it’s getting settle into a rest state. The couple who starts looking for a new high instead of rejoicing this calm stage definitely falls apart.

The first love is need not be the true love. The moment we find our true love, the first love seems to be nothing like love. We embrace the most comfortable feeling of being with our true love. The magic is in the person not in the situation.




If first love is like rain then true love is like spring. Both the seasons have its importance and are enchanting.

Keep loving and smiling. :)