For all Rain Lovers…


If you are the one like me who loves rain, then you should read the entailing paragraphs. If not, then you must read it, you will fall in love with rain.

I love walking down the street in the rain. Even the cool breeze and drizzle are suffice to vanish my stress and uplift my mood. The scent of the sand in the air fills my heart with nature’s aesthetic beauty. It feels like reveling childhood memories to see drenched children playing in rain.

Rain is associated with many good memories of my life. The most profound memory is of my grandmother teaching me the most essential lesson of life via rain. She perfectly explained the sky as our mind which is a large, clear and unbound space. As clouds cover the sky and restricts the sunshine, similarly the worries cover our mind and restricts the vision to think clearly. But one should never forget that this is the temporary phase of life. Alike the clouds get darker by time and so the worries. After the dark clouds, rain fall and gradually sunshine penetrates the clouds making the sky clear to see rainbow. The rain is miraculously elucidated as our feelings. Just like rain clears the dark sky, our feelings clear our worried mind.

Rain Fun Rain lovers Rain lovers childhood memories

Humans are blessed to have feelings. She told me to overcome a feeling, you must feel it. It means if you are fearful of anything just go and face the fear. If you are anxious about an event just go and attend it. If you are nervous for a presentation just go and present it. That’s why she said the best way to overcome a feeling is to feel it. Once your feelings fall alike the rain, the worries of mind get disappeared and make the mind clear to see true colors of life alike rainbow.

I would like to thank God for the lovely rain and my grandmother for the lovely lesson!! Go and get drenched in your feelings to enjoy the rainbow of life.