God’s Own Crocodile: Babiya


Believe it or not, life is full of miracles although we are not able to see many with our external eyes. Some can neither be seen nor heard, can only be felt. Moreover, miracles are based on your faith. Those who have faith in miracles can surely feel it around them.

But today I am talking about a ferocious animal turned harmless. Isn’t it a miracle that a vicious crocodile turned vegetarian?

I am not kidding, there exists such a crocodile named Babiya at Ananthapura Lake Temple.

Ananthapura Lake Temple is located in the northern Kerela. It is considered as the original location of Lord, Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy and have many stories associated to Lord Vishnu. The most fascinating part of this temple is the vision of a harmless crocodile, Babiya. It is considered as guard of the temple and is very friendly with humans. It is said that it arrives near the temple during the worship time and feeds on Prasad from the temple and nothing else. Only one crocodile resides in that lake and if it dies, the other one mystically appears and take the charge of the former crocodile of guarding the temple round the clock. No one understands the appearance of this vegetarian and friendly crocodile in a lake.

For those who not believe in God, Babiya is just a crocodile but those who have faith in God, Babiya is the guard of Anathapura Lake Temple and is the proof of God’s concealed blessing to the mankind.

It attests that some miracles cannot be explained but only felt. It unfolds the reality that God resides in every living being. God always reminds His presence around us with such a non-descriptive experience.

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