How smart phones are making us lesser smart?

Today almost everyone has a smart phone. It would not be wrong to call today’s youth as phone addicts or to be more specific I would call them as phone maniacs. You will not find anyone without phone at any place. People use their smart phones everywhere even during office meetings, college lectures, travelling in metros/ buses, dining tables, driving, toilets, etc. Well, not only the youngsters are shackled with the habit of smart phones, few days ago my 65 years old aunt asked me to teach her how to download and use WhatsApp. I know that’s hilarious but I really appreciate her zeal to learn something new at her age. But does she really need to use WhatsApp, I mean does it anyhow going to affect her if she doesn’t use WhatsApp, does it anyhow going to affect us if don’t use our smart phones lesser? Are we really addicted to our phones? Are you feel restless if you don’t check your phone for more than an hour?

About 100 years ago, phones were known as a device which could only be used to communicate with other person. But now definition of a phone has changed drastically. Phones have traversed the journey from landline wired phones to mobile phones and then to smart phones very fast. The mobile phones and especially smart phones have penetrated the market very fast and are still progressing with advanced features. Phone is no more a device just to talk, it has become a camera, music player, calculator, scheduler, navigator, alarm clock etc. The most prominent reason to be addicted with smart phones is that it has made our lives much convenient. You can check your mails anytime anywhere, buy clothes/ groceries online, order food anytime, etc. As a popular adage says excess of everything is bad, the same is true with phones.

I think excess of convenience has made us lazy. People are reluctant to go market for shopping or even buying daily use products. The business of local shop keepers has hampered a lot due to which. Local book shops are bearing great loss because most of the people prefer to buy books online due to discounts. Such people don’t realize that they are refraining themselves from the new experiences of meeting people and society. Convenience is good guys but don’t forget to get social.

Due to the feature of text messaging and now chatting, people have become unconformable in connecting to peers personally. Well, every coin has two facets. Where chatting apps and social media has drastically reduced the distance between people and connect people over the globe with a single click, it has also made people hesitant to talk others personally. They are so comfortable in chatting that they have lost their confidence to talk to people straight through their eyes. Many feel shy during public speaking. Connecting to old friends is good but don’t let yourself engrossed in chatting so much that your leadership quality get disrupted.

No one can define what is smart. No one can define what is good or bad. Truth is always situational. I just want to remind you all that technology is for our convenience and don’t become slave of the technology. Being techno savvy is good but letting it dominate you is not healthy at all. Enjoy everything but do not get addicted to it. Digital world cannot replace the essence of true physical world. So forget your phone for some time and spare some time to just feel how beautiful the world is.