How to be a Super hero?

Pretending to be a super hero is the most fascinating and profound memory of one’s childhood. We all used to admire super heroes as our role models. We always believed that a super hero is a person who has extraordinary powers, lives a secret life and changes his dress in a fraction of a second during a dangerous situation to save the earth. But as we grew, the mere idea of presence of a super hero seems to be childish.

I believe that superhero is not a supernatural being. Presence of superheroes with a flaunting physic and spectacular costumes may not be true but undoubtedly superheroes do exist. Anyone who has the courage to stand against all the obstacles despite of numerous failures. The smallest act of courage, determination and selflessness is heroism. I strongly believe that everyone has a hidden superhero in them. It is hidden not because it is supposed to be so as showcased in superhero movies but it is hidden because we don’t realize that we exhibit a superhero with extraordinary powers within ourselves.

Yes it’s true we all possess immense powers but we refrain ourselves to believe it due to conditioning of our minds from the day we born. I have heard a story in my childhood which says that in a circus, a huge elephant is tied with a thin rope. Although he can easily break that rope and became free but he remained calm because he believed that he cannot break that rope. It seems so insane to most of us because we realize what powers does an elephant possess but he doesn’t because that elephant was brought at circus when he was a baby and tied with that rope. At that time, he did not have that much power to break that rope to run away. So, his mind has been conditioned to believe that this big animal possessing immense power will not be able to break a tiny rope. Did you notice the power of conditioning? We all went through this in our childhood in some or the other aspects. How many of us would laugh when an 8 years boy come and say that I want to become an aeronautical engineer at NASA. Most of us would laugh instead of encouraging him to chase his dream. That is the simplest form of conditioning to inhibit one’s astonishing powers to see beyond limits.

I believe we all are superheroes in disguise. We just need to replenish the fuel and ignite the engine to take off the flight of being your favorite superhero. We just need to tear off the curtains of conditioning from our eyes to look for the reservoir of powers inside us. Below mentioned qualities would help you to introspect and realize that we all are superheroes.

  1. Never give up attitude:

Believe it or not, we all loved our superheroes for the attitude of never giving up. Whatever may be the circumstances, he may fail many times but he stands again and fights until wins. That’s the most admirable quality of a superhero. Doesn’t you agree that we all should have this attitude? A popular adage says, “Problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude towards it”. I always says look for the opportunities in the obstacles. Problems are blessings in disguise. So one should never give up because of obstacles because obstacles will create you what you need to be when you succeed. Accept each challenge as part and parcel of life and never give up.

  1. Uniqueness:

Alike every one of us, every superhero is unique with different powers. Like Superman can fly, Spiderman can jump, stick & swing, Hulk has immense strength etc. And you know what the best part is they all possess different powers and all are best at what they do. I mean Spiderman would never sit ideal, see villains ruling the earth and make excuses that I can’t do anything because I can’t fly, Superman would never say I can’t do anything because I can’t swing or stick. They know how to use their strengths optimally. We all have different characteristics and we must identify our inner strengths and excel in it. So, whatever you do, make sure you do it wholeheartedly with the optimal use of available resources.

  1. Selflessness:

This is the quality we all need to develop within us. In today’s social world, getting fame is the motive of most of us. Because of this motive, the qualities of selflessness & humanity are getting diminished. Do you think any superhero would have fought with any ferocious villain just for the sake of glory? In fact if they would want fame, they would have never worn masks and hide their identity. They fought to save the lives of their fellow people. They stake their lives to save the lives of others. They also saved lives of the people they hate. We all must inculcate such type of selflessness quality within ourselves. We must help others without our selfish motives. Love without reason.

  1. Enjoyment:

Any superhero not fought and saved people just because someone has asked them to do so. It is their solo discussion and strong instinct to use their powers in a positive way and help others. They enjoy what they do. So develop the quality of enjoying your work. Trust me once you start enjoying whatever you do, you start loving it more and excel in everything you do. Happiness is contagious in every aspect. If you would start enjoying your life, life would make more situations you will enjoy. Your surroundings would become pleasant.

  1. Courage:

Now here comes the most important and extremely difficult quality of a superhero. I would call is as difficult because very few people have the courage to different, to stand above all odds. When any superhero discovered his powers and decides to utilize it to help others, it is itself is a courageous decision. To stake one’s life for the benefits of others is not a game for week hearted. Courage doesn’t mean that you don’t afraid but it means that you would not let the fear stop you. Courage is the ability to rise above all your fears. Every superhero have the courage to chase his dreams and to create his own destiny. They have the courage to believe in themselves despite of what shape or size they are.

I hope this article would help you all to introspect and discover your own superheroes. Actually we all possess these qualities and practice them unintentionally every day. We just need to focus all these qualities in the core of our heart, listen & believe to our instincts and have the courage to follow it. Your instinct will never mislead you. Trust it and just move on the path of a superhero.