How to cope up with depression?

In today’s hectic life styles, the living standards are enhancing significantly and the depression among the society is increasing at much higher rate. Well, needless to say that this depression is very much interrelated with our life styles. Have you ever thought that many years ago, people used to spend a simple life with the minimum luxuries or I should say with no such luxuries of present time? They used to rise early, devote time for worship, do household chores by themselves, eat simple food and live a very simple and ordinary life. But now despite of all the luxuries like car to travel, multiple cuisines to eat, excellent employment opportunities, the depression has inculcated and is getting worse with time. I mean, why the scenario is extremely opposite?

why with me

Well, the answer is “EXPECTATIONS”. Yes, believe it or not, our unfulfilled expectations are not less than any cancer. Anger, depression and all other negative feelings are emerged when our expectations doesn’t get fulfilled. I am not saying that expectation is a bad thing. It’s only your attitude towards it what matters. How would you get a thing if you don’t expect it to be yours? One should have expectations but it must be handled carefully. As a popular adage says, one should be ambitious but must keep a strict eye on the desires. I can relate to this adage closely because I feel that one must know how to handle their expectations either fulfilled or unfulfilled. One should not neither get mad with the happiness if it’s fulfilled nor get mad with the sorrow if it’s unfulfilled. There are many other ways as well to cope up with depression.

Be realistic:

We should dream big. Until and unless we don’t aim for the best, how would we get it? Having desires, ambitions and dreams is a good thing. They keep you motivated towards your goal in life. Once the goals are established, one should be determined to work hard to achieve them. Because if your expectations are high and you don’t work hard to achieve it, you will feel yourself inferior and get depressed. So, be realistic with your goals. Invigilate yourself, ask yourself, are you really ready to pay the price what your expectation costs. It’s all in your mind and heart. Hence, being realistic with the expectations is the foremost important to cope up with the depression.

Invest time in what you like:

Investing time in what you like to do is very simple but not easy. In you hectic life styles, some or the other liabilities pull you down and keep you busy into unproductive work. We really don’t get time to spend with ourselves. Spare some time to gel up with the person you see daily in the mirror. That is the person who will never leave you alone and would never make you feel depressed. Love yourself and invest time in activities you like to do. A popular adage says that time you enjoy wasting is not wasted. Try to understand the deep message in this adage. It will make you realize that the time you spend with yourself is equally important to the time you spend with your family. Depression is a very negative thought and if you keep your thoughts, mind and heart busy in positive activities and enjoy what you are doing, depression can never infect you.


Exercise is one of the best ways to cope up with depression. Depression can subsequently land you in many health problems. To keep yourself healthy, exercise can be of good help. It can be as simple as a morning walk in your garden, the laughing exercise, yoga, etc. You can even consult a trainer for exercises. Involve a friend with you and boring workout will be converted to a nice party. Remember enjoy what you do. Don’t stress yourself.

Consult doctor:

Mild depression can be developed due to overthinking and personal or professional stress which can be cured with the bouquet of positive thoughts and de-stress exercises. But if you are suffering from the acute depression, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Depression is just a feeling which can be handled with its counterpart. Happiness is the antidote for depression. Keep smiling and stay healthy.