How to make this Friendship day special?

Friends are the best assets of one’s life. Indeed life without friends would be the most boring thing to bear. Friends are the siblings, God forgot to give us. Sometimes even valuable than the blood relations. Friends has an important role to play in our lives. The one who left us shall leave with a vacuum & experience and the one who remains with us are the most valuable guide & precious gift of our lives. Although life may have troubles and friends may not make the troubles lighter but will definitely ensure that you don’t walk the hardest road alone.

To celebrate the bond of friendship, Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and is the day to let your friend know that how much you love them and what they mean to you. However friendship never needs a special dedicated day to rejoice its true magic. The true essence of friendship is enjoyed in the smallest things being done every day eg. a phone call to your best friend after a hectic day, a catch up on weekend, a hug from a friend, meeting a friend who was out of country since very long, etc. I am sure each one of us can connect with one or the other idea.

To make this special day special for your special friend is certainly the idea everyone would be looking for today. Meeting with your old friends in surely a great idea. In our hectic lives friendship is often restricted to WhatsApp and Facebook. Hence, on this special day plan a get together with all you buddies and enjoy the day by recalling the old memories. You may plan to visit your school or college to revitalize the spirit of roots of friendship. Those who love to make new memories instead of re-experiencing old ones, go out with your friends on a trip or a dinner party and have fun to realize them true enchantment of friendship through your physical presence. No friendship message, gift, greeting card or bands would be as special and heart melting as a warm hug from a friend. So my dear friends, keep aside all your worries and official work today and make this day special for both of you by taking a deep dive in the love, laughter, hugs & greetings on this Friendship day.

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