Ingredients of ‘Success’

Who does not aim for success? Everybody wants to succeed and excel in whatever they do. But success means different for everyone. For a child, getting his favorite toy after consistently insisting his mother is success. Do you remember how you felt when your better half accepted your marriage proposal? That was the sense of achieving success, wasn’t it? For a graduate, getting his dream job is a success. For a businessman, expanding and diversifying his ventures is success whereas for a poor man, success is the consistent source of income so that he could manage two times meal for his family. For me, printing of my first novel is the success. Whatever be the nature of success, for whom so ever it is, the ingredients for achieving success is same for everyone.


In a nutshell, success is the sense of achieving specific goals with the sheer perseverance and hard work. Hence, the meaning of success differs on the basis of goals set by one for oneself. Goal is the most important ingredient because it is the destination in the journey of success. Make sure it is specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and time bound.


To achieve something, one must take the responsibility of making efforts to make it happen. It is not necessary that a leader must have a team to dictate. Be your own leader. You have a heart and a brain to be dictated. A leader is someone who guides the right path to the team, similarly guide yourself. Don’t hesitate to take help if needed. To be successful, always tie yourself with your goals instead of anybody. None other than you can take you to the peak of success. Be solo responsible for your circumstances.

Team WorkTeamwork:

Teamwork is equally important for being successful. Don’t forget a leader is also the part of a team. Hence, being a leader doesn’t separate you from the team. In a team, everyone may have different specialties and that is the essence of a team because then everyone would have different solutions to solve a problem based on their experience, understanding, knowledge and capability. Value teamwork, understand the importance of partnership and have confidence in your abilities.




Until and unless you are committed to a goal, you can never achieve success. Usually commitment is directly proportional to the passion. Remember how you start a new activity with enormous excitement and passion. Gradually, the excitement seems to be swiped under the carpet and subsequently commitment drops. Whenever your conviction towards your goal shakes, just remember the reason you started the journey towards that goal. Always remember your goal and the drained energy will revert. Alike you fill the vehicle with the sufficient fuel before a long journey, fuel up yourself with rock solid conviction that will take you through the journey of success.


Well, patience is something which can be learnt with the practice and I would suggest you if you are lacking this ingredient, start practicing from today. Patience would be your safe guard. Usually people drop their goals after the first failure. During such difficult situation, patience will keep you strong. Don’t let the negativity strike you. Challenges are encountered by those you tried to do something. So don’t worry, just be calm and consider the challenges as part and parcel of the journey. Seek opportunities in the obstacles. If you fall, don’t panic just keep yourself compose and bounce back with ever more perseverance. Never forget to prepare plan B. Just keep going until you reach your destination. It doesn’t matter if the pace is as slow as snail; what important is keep moving.

Never fail to fail:

Whenever you decide a goal, simultaneously decide to fail. Yes you heard me right. Don’t just prepare yourself to face failures but train yourself to look for positive out of every negative situation. I always say problems are blessings in disguise. People may criticize you but instead of taking criticism personally think logically and improve yourself.

Believe in Yourself:Yes I can do

Always remember haters will hate. Opponents will oppose. But don’t get frightened. Have faith in yourself and do whatever your heart says. Sharpen your skills if needed. Life is very short don’t waste it in fulfilling others’ desires.  Just live it to fulfill your own dreams.



That’s all from my side. Everyone makes efforts to be successful; the idea is to guide the right direction in which efforts should be made. The competency is indeed required to achieve success. Don’t forget soft skills are equally important. As a popular adage says, you can change your life by changing your attitude.


Wish you all a very happy and successful life ahead!!!