Morning Sex- definitely the best way to wake up!  

morning-sexSex” as interesting the word is, so are its benefits. Being a taboo in India, most of the people would be surprised to know its benefits. Apart from being a mode to have babies, sex has a significant role to enhance health, personal relationships & social well-being.

Who likes to wake up every morning with a droning sound of an alarm? Instead try to make morning interesting for both of you. Making love in morning is much more pleasurable because both of you are without the burdens of daily chores, feeling refreshed and energetic. Sex is the best way to capture that energy at the morning itself which shall uplift your mood and propel you towards a beautiful day.

It has been scientifically proven that sex reduces stress and risk of a heart attack, improves mental health and immunity, regulates blood pressure etc. People even claimed to feel confident after making love. Sex is considered as a workout. Who will not love to burn calories on bed instead of a gym?

Apart from health benefits, sex helps in improving interpersonal relationships. Indeed sex brings the two closer and bond gets stronger. However a healthy sex life is very important for a healthy relationship. In our hectic lives, romance takes the backseat some times. But you would never know how smallest of your nonverbal move would be suffice to ignite the romance back into your life.

The idea of morning sex is completely based on an individual’s choice. For example, if I like a chocolate cake, it’s not necessary that my partner will also like the same. She might like a pineapple cake instead of a chocolate cake. I hope you got my point. Different people have different opinions about the morning sex. Some might get distressed with sweat smell or bad breath. However, some might get aroused with the sweat smell. So you need to make your partner comfortable before you bump on. Know each other’s capabilities, look after each other’s necessities and get comfortable with each other’s discomforts to enjoy your moments.

Make sure you are not ruining your partner’s morning instead of making it.