MUSIC: Food for the soul!!

musicMusic has many definitions for different people. It is indeed the best way to express your feelings. I read somewhere that “Music is to the soul as food is to the body” and I utterly connect to the idea. I always feel if Man is the best creation of God then Music is the best creation of Man. Music is not only the way to express your feelings or to rejoice, it is certainly a soothing activity for the mind and soul. In traditions, music not only exists but holds an important role in the lives.

India has one of the oldest musical cultures which has been grown and diversified a lot in past years. Whenever the word music is talked about, no one can forget to mention Tansen who was the most famous musician and one of the Navratans in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar. It is said that his music can bring the rain, lit the lamps and tamed the most ferocious animal. How incredible is that!!!!

It has been psychologically proved that music effects the soul directly. Music is being used as a therapy to aid mental ailment.

For me, Music is the essence of love, mother bestow on her child to make her sleep through lori. Music is the sound of learning and encouragement of the child through poems. Music is the medicine for mood disorders and stress effected patients. Music is the most divine way to connect to the God through prayers.