My New Creation

In this proud lap of high rocky walls and screams in my ear

I sit battling my persisting fears

tossing my dreams watching the white light through my tired peeps

my head rising above what I thought couldn’t be reached

be in love with

me, shubhi

shubhi, me

tapping through my fogged head


until what’s love is shubhi and shubhi is love

I wish there was somewhere me to be instead

than here

“there’s always there”

the love whisper

there is never the here

I desire

eyelids pried wide to find what’s real

to say to the love

“you’re a liar”

I waft away

to an aurora

love could be me and me could be love

to another kind

they would say “darling, you are my love in my eyes, I find”

because I was made to see my love as you and you as my love

and it’s soothing

to know it could be both ways instead….