Power of Commitment

“Yeh mera wada nahi patthar ki lakeer hai”. We all must have heard this line in most of the movies. I wonder, does such committed people really exist in the world? Making commitments is very easy but keeping them is very difficult.

We all make commitments with ourselves, families, friends, colleagues etc. but how many of us do really behold and fulfill the commitments. I am sure many of us might have fulfilled some commitments out of sheer pressure. Do we remember how we all made commitments of studying from tomorrow? Huh, but then what happened have we ever been as sincere as you thought we would? No, I don’t think anybody of us have ever studied without a sword of examinations hanging on our head? I am not talking about the most intelligent nerds whose only mission in life is to study and score good marks. Well jokes apart, have you observed what’s wrongwith this picture? Most of us don’t understand the importance of self-motivation and self-discipline. We are flexible with our commitments. We seek external pressure as motivation to complete a job. Usually, we don’t take our commitments seriously until severe consequences are associated with it. This is not commitment at all.


When we don’t understand what commitment is, how would we understand the power of commitment? Well, yes, commitment do exhibit a lot, of in the sense of self-esteem and determination. Have you ever committed yourself that tomorrow I shall wake up early and go for a walk? Most of us would sleep with this enthusiastic thought of getting early and as we wake up the hangover of sleep makes us forget all the commitments we made last night with ourselves. That’s a really tragic end of a commitment. But I am sure some of us would have let the commitment win in this battle. Those must have felt the true power of accomplishing their commitment. The feeling of achieving what you have thought of is indeed ecstatic.

Being committed is an art and it can be learned. To avoid falling over your commitments make sure to practice below mentioned points:

  • Split your goals: We should always dream big. Keep your goals sky high but understand that big goals cannot be achieved overnight.SMART GOALS You have to work hard to achieve your goals. Try to divide your big goal into milestones and those milestones in daily small goals. Keep your goals SMART.



  • Be focused on the result: I recommend you to always keep yourself focused on the result. When you want to quit from your commitments, think about the result why you started it. The reason of passion to do any work is only the result and commitment is directly proportional to passion. Hence, stay focused to the result.


  • Hang out with committed people: There would be many people who are not committed in their life and have a tendency to sway you from your commitments. Hence, I suggest to hang out with committed people who will inspire you to be committed in life with yourself and others. You would not realize when being committed shall become your habit.commited people


Before being committed to others, we must be committed to ourselves. Let’s commit ourselves to be happy, feed our mind with positive thoughts, live in present and not let the temper ruin our peace of soul. Trust me being committed with yourself is more difficult than being committed with others. I hope all these practices shall help one being more committed.

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