Problems are the blessings in disguise

ProblemWhat is a problem? Basically, problem is when we need to exercise our mind cells to find a solution of a difficult situation. Who doesn’t have a problem? Every one of us have our own problems and are struggling for its resolution. We just need the right attitude towards the problem. The moment you know how to handle a problem, it is no longer a problem. However, I feel that problems are basically part and parcel of life.

Someone asked Swami Vivekanada, ‘What is life?’ He answered, ‘Life is the unfoldment and development of a being under circumstances tending to press you down.’ I am completely agree with him that life is about confronting the problems and deal them boldly to rise as a better person. Don’t misunderstand that life is only a challenge. Life is indeed a beautiful gift blessed by God and we must enjoy its each and every moment to the fullest. However, if a problem appears, do not worry or feel disgust.  Instead stand, feel the heat and take the bull by the horns.

Sometimes problems are exactly what we need in our life. Problems are needed to make you strong. I would like to share a story about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Once a little boy get fascinated with a caterpillar and take him to home. He feed the caterpillar and take his good care. One day the caterpillar started to create a cocoon, from which beautiful butterfly will emerge. After some days, he saw an opening in the cocoon and the small butterfly was struggling to come out of it. Being excited, the boy helped the butterfly and cut the cocoon with a knife to avoid the problem of the butterfly but he was shocked to see that the butterfly was short with swollen body and withered wings who cannot fly.

Although the intentions of the boy was good, he doesn’t want his butterfly to face the problem and go through all the struggle but from the perspective of the butterfly that problem and struggle was the most important thing required at that point of time. Her struggle will make her strong and give her wings enough strength to fly. Due to curtailing the struggle from her life, she was not enough strong to fly and live her life like other butterflies.

Alike the butterfly, if we wish for the life without problems, we would not be as strong as we could have been by experiencing a problem. Develop a vision to look a problem as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. If you want to pray to God, don’t pray for a problem free life, instead pray for the strength to face the problems you encounter in life and have faith in God, he shall always bless you with what you deserve instead of what you desire.