Rishikesh: The most refreshing break!!

Away from the busy life of Delhi, Rishikesh was the relaxing and mind soothing place. Rishikesh is considered to be one of the sacred place in Hindu mythology. There are many ashrams where saints visit for meditation and Yoga. On the other hand we stayed at a camp besides the Ganga River at Shiv puri. The cool and fresh breeze has healed all the stress. The fresh air, coolness of Ganga, sand and stones on the beach is something beyond description. The view of the valley was mesmerizing. It was not my first experience of camping but was the first experience to enjoy a camp at the beach side. The view of Ganga and mountains around the camp was enhancing the beauty of the place indeed.

After I am done with praising the beauty of nature, I went for a walk at beach. As my feet touched the cold water of Ganga, it has made me forget everything except the beautiful place where I was at that moment. I closed my eyes, starched my arms and kept my feet in the water. I have not remembered when I have felt so relaxed last time.


bonfire raft







Night was cold but equally relaxing around the bonfire with a bottle of chilled beer.

After the most relaxing night, then unfolds the most adventurous day of my life. It was my first experience of white water rafting of 27 kms. Our guide has updated us about some facts of rafting in Ganga is that it is a polaroid river which means it has flat sections after each high tides section and hence river Ganga considered to be the most safe for rafting. Certainly, rafting is a must do for all adventure lovers.

Although it was not my first trip to Rishikesh but as usual it was the most refreshing trip I ever had.

No one can describe the feeling of being at place, it can only be felt.