Self-help is the best help!!!

Self Help  Are you earning more than what your parents were earning at your age? Have you started your career landing into a job paying higher than your parent’s first job? Indeed employment opportunities, average income and expenditure have substantially increased over the last few years. But these fascinating jobs and incredible salaries come along with long working hours and huge work load. With enhanced standard of living, stress level has also increased among the youth. In our busy working schedules, we often forget the need of a balanced personal and professional life. People working for long hours in offices and then at home are leading to stress and bitter relationships. We usually neglect health in earning wealth. We don’t realize that we are earning severe health issues with the salaries at the end of the month.

Now the question is who would reduce this stress and help us to lead a healthy life. Well the answer is very simple. He is none other than “YOU”. Yes, you heard it right, no one other than you can help you better. That’s why we call self-help the best help. We often complain about our downfalls and struggling situations. For God’s sake guys, just breathe and stop complaining and blaming others. Can you tell me the name of a single person in the whole world i.e over 7 billion people who have never failed, rejected or faced a downfall in his/ her life? None!! Well, then how can you expect to be without problems? Challenges are a part and parcel of life. Life is a journey with many ups and downs. Start focusing on the ups instead of downs. Some of my personal efforts to maintain health and positivity in life are mentioned below:

Smile as much as you can

Smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips. Jokes apart, smile is really an influential tool to reduce stress. People usually smile when they are happy. But trust me converse is equally true, when you smile you spontaneously start feeling good and lighter.

Be satisfied

Dreams and desires are limitless. One should be ambitious but be careful about the insane desires. Happiness has nothing to do with your possessions; it is a reflection of your satisfaction. Be content with what you have and be grateful for that. And never ever compare yourself with anyone because definition of happiness is different for everyone. Focus on what you have instead of what you lack.

Plan things you look forward to

Monotonous daily routine is indeed boring and will make anyone go annoyed. To get rid of boring life, plan outings with your spouse/ friends/ family on weekends. Try to bring some change in your boring life. Repetitive routine can hamper your creativity. To keep yourself enthusiastic and vivid, keep indulging in new hobbies.


Don’t procrastinate

Although I am a very lazy person but I can’t stand with pending work. It mingles in my mind until I complete it. It is one of the most important sources of stress. People usually procrastinate and then niggle about the pending jobs. Try not to keep piles of work to do during weekend.

Live in present

This is one of the characteristic I practiced a lot because humans have tendency to cling either towards the past worries or future anxiety. We never live in present. But like any new habit, you can learn living in present by practice. Often ask yourself are you happy? And if your answer is “No”, immediately change what you are thinking. Try to analyse things as they are. Don’t over react.

Take out time for yourself

When we are talking about self-help, how can we forget to give time to self.  Spend time with your best buddy i.e you. Identify your prime time may it be morning or night and do whatever you like to do. Spend some time in silence and isolation. This is vital to de-stress. You can even go for a walk, listen music, cook for yourself, anything whatever you love to do.

Keep a diary

This method may not necessarily work for all. Some might just hate writing. But those who love writing must jot down all the positive things happening during the day. Try to avoid negative things. Because when you revisit your old dairy, you can glance over all the precious moments of your life. This will help you keep motivated and optimistic. Being optimistic is very important aspect to be happy.

Well, these are my personal practices to cope up with daily stress and maintain balance between work and personal life. I hope it works for you also. Feel free to share any of your practice to lead a healthy and happy life.