True meaning of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but are they happy, the answer would be “No, not everyone”. There is a huge variance between what we want and what we are. And that makes all the difference. This difference is the level of satisfaction one used to face during any situation either good or bad. Mind plays a vital role in here. Anyone can be satisfied and be happy in a favorable situation but it took courage and experience to be satisfied and happy in difficult situation. The role of mind starts here when determination is required to handle any situation and make yourself satisfied and happy.
I have read somewhere that “Mind is entirely responsible for either throwing us into bondage or giving us freedom”. It’s just a matter of a single decision to look a difficult situation as an opportunity or an obstacle. Happiness is simply a state of mind. To justify this statement I would like to share a story with you all which I read on Social Media and it still lingers in my heart.
A businessman while walking along the beach, saw a poor fisherman lying down on sand and seems to be happy. Curiously, businessman approached fisherman and they had a conversation

Businessman: Haven’t you gone fishing today?
Fisherman: Oh yes! I went fishing today, had a good catch and sold it too. Now I am relaxing.
Businessman: Then why don’t you go and catch some more fish?
Fisherman: Why? What is the use?
Businessman: Well, you will get more money.
Fisherman: What would I do with that?
Businessman: Buy yourself one more boat and get more fish.
Fisherman: And then?
Businessman: You will have more money.
Fisherman: Then?
Businessman: You can buy a big house of your own.
Fisherman: Then what?
Businessman: You can have a TV, a refrigerator, a car etc. by expanding your business.
Fisherman: What after that?
Businessman: You can live happily!!
Fisherman: Then, what am I doing now?

Well, you all may be laughing at the businessman, but the deep lesson in the story is that how two person with completely different outlook towards life leading their lives differently. Both businessman and fisherman are living their lives happily, both are happy in their own circumstances. It’s all about state of mind. Happiness does not depends on external things. Make happiness a habit.