What is more important: Hard work or Luck?

There is a very old battle between hard work & luck. Have you ever wondered how difficult it would have been to pass any examHard Work Or Luck without studying hard? Yes, I think we all must applaud ourselves for that hard work. I am sure some of you must have faced the situation when you hated a subject because you didn’t understand a single word of it. In-spite of studying hard all night, you have been mentally preparing yourself to face a F grade in that subject but as you hold the question paper a grin appears on your face realizing that it was not that difficult and you manage to score decent grade. If you can remember any of such moment, please join your hands right now and thank God for the luck that worked at that moment. Both hard work and luck have equally important roles to play in one’s life. Deficiency of any one of these ingredients, can make your life difficult.

Both hard work and luck goes hand in hand. A popular adage says that never sit idle with the thought that it would happen if it has been written in destiny but what if it’s written in destiny that it will happen if you work hard. You cannot ride life solely on the horse of hard work. You also need reins of luck. If you keep on working hard without luck then there would be no difference between you & a jackass who works hard all day and carries heavy weights on its back. We need luck as well in accomplishing a job.

2However, we must not underestimate the power of hard work. Hard work propels you towards the good luck. Without hard work, your all accomplishments would be merely parameters. The joy of achievement would vanish when you have not undergone a serious hard work to achieve what you wanted. As it says, the joy of journey is much more than the destination. Unless you work hard to take yourself towards your ultimate goal despite of all challenges and obstacles, the essence of winning become feeble.

One must not be afraid of challenges because challenges are being faced by only those who are doing something, trying something new. The people who are doing something and do not succeed due to a challenge In-spite of working hard are much better than those who are not doing anything at all. Challenges make us stronger indeed just keep doing hard work & believe in your luck and nothing can stop you.

    Always remember that hard work lifts you to a place where luck can find you!!