World Earth Week 2015 – April 20-24, 2015


“Earth Day”..??? Isn’t it sound crazy as we live on earth and each day is earth day but other way round Earth Day is celebrated because we don’t celebrate it every day.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated to demonstrate support for an environmental protection. But why can’t we demonstrate support for our earth every day. Do we really need a specific day to protect our environment and that too annually?? Strange but true, I think we are not carrying out our responsibilities properly towards protecting the earth, environment and other non-renewable resources.

Actually, the problem is with the human nature, we generally take the things for granted which are either inherited to us or are free. We don’t need to hunt for oxygen.. we don’t need to dig a big pit every day to extract drinking water… we don’t need to do a major effort to switch on a light… Hence we take our environment for granted and subsequently we don’t realize our responsibility to protect it.

On the other hand, I am happy that atleast we are dedicating one day in a year to express our gratitude to the Earth.

On this Earth Week, I would urge all human beings on the planet earth to pledge with me that we shall look into ourselves and take our responsibilities seriously to protect the earth in every possible way. I pledge to switch off the lights whenever I evacuate the room, to plant Tulsi (basil) plant and to optimize water and electricity usage.

We all need to do our bit otherwise Earth Day shall keep on sound like Birthday…